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Since the death of Jimi Hendrix in 1970 his music and image have become synonymous with creativity and style. He transformed rock music in a way never seen before or since. Continually held up as the greatest electric guitarist of all time, he continues to influence musicians of every generation.

We have been providing a news and information service to collectors of the music of Jimi Hendrix since 1991. If you need to keep up to date with all things Jimi Hendrix then you need a subscription to Jimpress. We aim to publish two issues per year, the Spring 2019 issue is available now. It's another incredible, full colour glossy issue, this time running to 98 pages including a full review of the 50th anniversary issue of Electric Ladyland. You can order a copy of this or back issues here. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest, breaking news.

In addition to the magazine we have published a number of books over the years culminating in the recent compilation of all the available knowledge of Jimi's recordings, both audio and visual, professional and amateur, in six very large volumes of From The Benjamin Franklin Studios. These A4 books are, again printed on high quality, glossy paper. Parts 1-4 have been updated and corrected and are back in print. Parts 5 and 6 have been extensively revised and expanded such that we will now run to nine parts. Parts 5 (the vinyl bootlegs) and 6 (the first part of the CD bootlegs) will be available by the end of June with a further three parts to follow.

Our guide to Jimi's London will also be available again soon in an updated and expanded edition.