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Jimpress has produced a number of other publications over the years. This assembled knowledge culminated in the 2019 update - 4th edition of From The Benjamin Franklin Studios in eight, soon to become nine, huge volumes.

Currently available:

Jimi Hendrix in London - What he did and where he did it.

Jimi Hendrix in London

The fully revised and expanded 5th edition is a complete guide to 135 Hendrix related locations in London and its environs. A5 size, running to 164 pages with detailed instructions for walking from one site to the next. Visit them before they're blown away by the sands of time. Read more...

From The Benjamin Franklin Studios - 4th Edition - 2019 Update

From the Benjamin Franklin Studios 4th Edition

The most comprehensive guide to Jimi Hendrix's recordings ever compiled. Currently standing at eight volumes, it will become nine when the number of releases warrants it. It includes all studio and live recordings, even those made by fans on primitive (by today's standards) recorders. Volumes 1, 2, and 3 are all text detailing every aspect of Jimi's recordings both audio and visual. Parts 4 to 8 are fully illustrated, full colour discographies. Available now, click Order to obtain your copy. Read more...


Previous Publications

The Studio Log 2008 Edition
A chronological guide to all Jimi's studio sessions. Now fully updated and forming a part of From The Benjamin Franklin Studios.

Look Over Yonder
A complete guide to all the available film and video footage of Jimi. This includes amateur concert footage shot from a vantage point in the audience. Now fully updated and forming a part of From The Benjamin Franklin Studios.

Jimi Hendrix in London, New York and New Jersey
Two books in one providing a guide to Hendrix related locations.

Updates to all our publications are regularly featured in Jimpress.

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