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Jimpress 115

Our friends can't be with us today
Malcolm Stewart, Gerry Stickells, Mike Quashie, Peter Tork, and Ronnie Anderson.

It’s A Small World
Gary Geldeart looks at a guitar (again) and discovers a little about the Outer Limits.

As if Record Store Day wasn’t bad enough
Blue vinyl Unicef release.

Did someone mention Record Store Day?
Woodstock! In mono!

Anoraks On! - Trainspotting around the globe
Tripe and trivia compiled by all the usual suspects.

Seymour Duncan: Jimi Hendrix Pick-ups
How they came to be.

Just a collection of antiques and curios
An interesting white label promo and a small terraced house.

Ahhhh, Foxy!
Bootleg vinyl that won’t be in Ben Franklin.

What makes a bootleg?
And what doesn’t?

Hendrix teased Clapton from the stage – at least that’s what Macca says
Fact or urban myth?

From The Benjamín Franklin Studios
Another gargantuan update.

Once more in search of perfect vinyl or, at least, consistent vinyl.

Under The Microscope: The Review Pages


Burning Of The Midnight Lamp/Crosstown Traffic/Gypsy Eyes
Live In Europe 1967
Opus: Live In Europe 1967
The Lost BBC Sessions 1966-1967
Super Session In NY 1969
Live At Café Au Go Go New York City March 17th 1968
Italian 7” Discography 1967-1968 Vol.2
Music Is My Religion


Guitar World Presents Jimi Hendrix Playing Secrets
Jimi Hendrix: Black Legacy (A Dream Deferred)
The Jimi Hendrix Story
Jimi Hendrix 1968|1970
Jimi Hendrix In 60 Minutes
Jimi Hendrix Quotes
Messenger Of Love
Jimi Hendrix & The Ghetto Fighters: In Harlem World
Jimi Hendrix: The Nordic Concerts 1967-1970
Wild Thing: The Short, Spellbinding Life Of Jimi Hendrix
Two Riders Were Approaching: The Life & Death Of Jimi Hendrix
Forthcoming Woodstock books

Jimpress 115