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Jimpress 109

The Sotheby's Tapes
Myths, legends, and unanswered questions.

Anoraks On! - Trainspotting Around The Globe
Tripe and trivia compiled by all the usual suspects.

Our Friends Can't Be With Us Today
Kenyatta Arrington and Pearl Avery.

Experience Hendrix Tour 2017
All the tour dates for our American readers and European and Australasian globetrotters.

Just a collection of antiques and curios

And next, a statue in Nashville?
Music City looks to remember Jimi.

Meanwhile back in Seattle
The park prepares to open

A postcard from Salford
A very quick word with Graham Nash.

It was 50 years ago, today
A celebration at the Scorch of St. James.

Ranting Steve Day 2
OK, OK, Record Store Day 2 - Black Friday.

From The Benjamin Franklin Studios
Just a kock-up korner.

A sneak peek at 2017 releases.

Under The Microscope: The Review Pages
Machine Gun
Running The Voodoo Down
Praying Silently For Jimi
Electric Ladyland Sessions
Alive On Fire
New York Mixing Sessions
Ballroom On Fire
Raw Blues
The Cry Of Love Sessions
Jimi Hendrix Live (CDM)
Blues Projects Plus Rare Clips Video Collection (CD & DVD)
Hell's Sessions
At The Hollywood Bowl
Psychedelic Experience (Breakdown)
The Last Concert In Sweden
Are You Experienced Sessions
Midnight Lightning Sessions
Acoustic Jam Sessions
Complete Winterland Tapes
Nuremberg Second Show From Germany 1969

Brokenlight - Jimi's Last Joint
Jimi Hendrix: 50 Years On - The Truth
Capturing Jimi: The Jimi Hendrix Experience through the lens of Ed Caraeff
Play Like Jimi Hendrix: The Ultimate Guitar Lesson
Hendrix At Home: A Bluesman in Mayfair
Jimi Hendrix: Soundscapes
My Little Red Book: Love Day-by-Day 1945-1971
James Marshall "Jimi" Hendrix
Purple Haze Adult Colouring Book
Foxy Papers Volume 4
Photographing Jimi Hendrix

Jimpress 109