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Jimpress 112

Words and Music – Buddy Miles

The Musician’s Hall of Fame and Museum
Nashville now has a Hendrix exhibit.

Autograph Tales
More big money for an autograph with provenance.

Our friends can't be with us today
Johnny Hallyday.

Grammy Hall of Fame
Band of Gypsys recognised.

Anoraks On! - Trainspotting around the globe
Tripe and trivia compiled by all the usual suspects.

The ever-dwindling number of remaining Hendrix venues.

Hendrix Guitar Tutorials
A beginner’s guide.

Colour Blind
That coloured vinyl, FYE Smash Hits.

Under The Microscope: The Review Pages
Both Sides Of The Sky
Electric Ladyland (picture discs)
Purple Haze (picture disc)
Rider On The Storm by Eric Clapton

Play It Loud: An Epic History of the Style, Sound, and Revolution of the Electric Guitar
Muziq 8
Das Quizbuch
Jimi Hendrix (Entertainers Biography Series)
Hey Joe
Rock Gods
One Last Experience

From The Benjamin Franklin Studios
Another monster update to our assembled knowledge.

Jimpress 111