Back Issues

Jimpress 25 (February 1994)
Video, Electric Lady, hand written lyrics, Alan Douglas interview, untitled jams, books.

Jimpress 26 (March 1994)
Jimi's Friends, hand written material, The Mike Ephron sessions, Rainbow Bridge Band.

Jimpress 27 (April 1994)
Blues, hand written material, Nine To The Universe, Internet, Los Angeles Forum 1969 and 1970.

Jimpress 28 (May 1994)
Electric Jimi Hendrix, John Marshall, Washington 1968, Glasgow 1967, James Sundquist, Beautiful People, Kathy Etchingham, army letters, The Cry Of Love.

Jimpress 29 (June 1994)
Whoopy Cat, letters homes, Curtis Knight, Stepping Stone, It Must Be Dusty.

Jimpress 30 (August 1994)
68 page Woodstock Special Issue. Everything you ever wanted to know and a few things you didn't. Plus the usual features.

Jimpress 31 (September 1994)
Black Gold tapes, Brian Jones anniversary concert, Books.

Jimpress 32 (October 1994)
Rainy Day, Dream Away sessions, Questionnaire results, Jimi's guitars, Electric Ladyland, letters home.

Jimpress 33 (November 1994)
Auctions of Hendrix memorablilia, Fehmarn, Jimi's guitars part 2, First Rays Of The New Rising Sun, The Band Of Gypsys rehearsals, Baggies, letter home, Books.

Jimpress 34 (December 1994)
68 page Christmas Issue, letters home, Band Of Gypsys Fillmore Concerts, Video, Indianapolis 1969, First Rays, Sotheby's Tapes, hand written material, Axis: Bold As Love, The Saville Concerts, Books.

Jimpress 35 (February 1995)
Video, Madison Square Gardens 1970, Worthing 1967, books, Phoenix 1968.

Jimpress 36 (April 1995)
Band of Gypsys Studio Jam, books, Michigan 1968, vinyl feedback.

Jimpress 37 (April 1995)
Roger McGough, The Experience In Vancouver, Live Lines Part 1, Seattle Museum project, auction news.

Jimpress 38 (May 1995)
Live Lines Part 2, Roaming The Internet, auction report, Brighton Dome 1967.

Jimpress 39 (June 1995)
Bluesville '67, Curtis Knight interview, Seattle, The Jimi Hendrix Foundation.

Jimpress 40 (August 1995)
Isle Of Wight Special.

Jimpress 41 (September 1995)
Power of Soul, Voodoo Chile(s), Radio One, More 'Warm Hello' manuscripts.

Jimpress 42 (October 1995)
Ken Voss, Crash Landing, Leicester Youth Dance, Questionnaire results.

Jimpress 43 (November 1995)
Ken Voss Part 2, Midnight Lightning, Tribute Shows, Bumbershoot, Books, New Cobo tape.

Jimpress 44 (December 1995)
More Bumbershoot, Books, Are You Experienced, Bill Nitopi, The Jam Sessions, Updates to John McDermott Sessions.

Jimpress 45 (February 1996)
Jim McCarty, Live Chronicles (continued in subsequent issues), Jim Marshall, Curtis Knight.

Jimpress 46 (April 1996)
Eire Apparent, A Collector's Experience, Band Of Gypsys Mk. 2, CD-R bootlegs.

Jimpress 47 (June 1996)
Curtis Knight studio recordings, Anti-bootleg activity, Monika Danneman.

Jimpress 48 (August 1996)
Songs in development, industry hypocrisy.

Jimpress 49 (October 1996)
Blues outtakes, Chas Chandler, laser discs.

Jimpress 50 (December 1996)
Books, unreleased material, Charleston Civic Center, reprint of JP 1, Off The Record, Curtis Knight, Evreux, Are You Experimixed - the remix, CD-Rs, Index to JP1-50

Jimpress 51 (February 1997)
Electric Ladyland mixes, books, Live Chronicles, Ann Wilson.

Jimpress 52 (April 1997)
Mannish Boy, Mike Lax, Space Captain, Live Chronicles, storing audio on video tape.

Jimpress 53 (June 1997)
Anti-bootleg activity, Experience Hendrix - the magazine, The making of Electric Ladyland documentary, Live Chronicles, Eric Saarinen, Setting the Record Straight.

Jimpress 54 (August 1997)
Eyewitness, Legacy, Live Chronicles, Simon Dee.

Jimpress 55 (October 1997)
Blue Plaque, Al Aronoqitz, Look Over Yonder.

Jimpress 56 (December 1997)
Recorded interviews, The Wrangler tie-in, Phillips CD recorder, Fender guitars, ED Shaughnessy, All Along The Watchtower, CD Singles, Ben Franklin 2nd edition.

Jimpress 57 (April 1998)
Apartment jams, 45 CD reviews, vinyl news, BBC Sessions.

Jimpress 58 (June 1998)
Cry Of Love overdub and mixing session, Finnish tribute show, Portland '68, Isle Of Wight footage, complete official CD list, Marks and Spencer album.

Jimpress 59 (August 1998)
Interviews with BBC Producers and Lulu, Electric Ladyland - 30 years on Part One.

Jimpress 60 (October 1998)
Electric Ladyland - 30 years on part two, photo spread of Noel Redding playing live in London.

Jimpress 61 (December 1998)
Huge feature on Jimi's hand written material, The Alternate Christmas Jimpress, Christmas competition, new Milwaukee tape.

Jimpress 62 (March 1999)
New Fillmore East release, Jimi's letters to Fayne Pridgeon, more on the Milwaukee tape, the Ultimate CD Discography part 1, Lonnie Youngblood recordings.

Jimpress 63 (June 1999)
More on the unpublished writings, the Ultimate CD Discography part 2, Ilkley revisited, incredible tape stash.

Jimpress 64 (August 1999)
Concluding the unpublished writings the Ultimate CD Discography part 3, We Gotta Live Together source tape, New Dagger release, new books, Billy Cox interview.

Jimpress 65 (October 1999)
The Ultimate CD Discography part 4, Axis - original artwork and artists, auctions, Jerry Velez interview, the Cry Of Love mixing sessions.

Jimpress 66 (December 1999)
The Ultimate CD Discography part 5, Ben Franklin - The Official Albums, Juma Sultan interview, new monument, Mark Boyle/Joan Hills interview, new books.

Jimpress 67 (April 2000)
The Ultimate CD Discography part 6, Curtis Knight, Baggys, Virginia Ironside, new books.

Jimpress 68 (June 2000)
Special issue featuring a complete update for From The Benjamin Franklin Studios second edition.

Jimpress 69 (October 2000)
Paul Allen opens EMP, Paul Caruso interview, Eye Witness 1968, Chris Hillman & Gene Parsons, a new Zurich source tape, transcription books.

Jimpress 70 (Christmas 2000)
Special issue featuring a completely revised Studio Log, Nik Cohn interview, Blue Wild Angel (the new IoW film), full box set breakdown.

Jimpress 71 (Summer 2001)
Sam McQue, DVDs and books, more Ben Franklin updates, new Madison tape, the Aleem twins, Clark University.

Jimpress 72 (Christmas 2001)
All that early material unravelled, the Tulsa tape, Jimi Hendrix mega auction, another Dagger release as well as more discs than you can shake two sticks at.

Jimpress 73 (Summer 2002)
Updates to From The Benjamin Franklin Studios, book reviews, eye-witness accounts, a detailed breakdown of the Ottawa source tape, details of a newly discovered interview tape, DVD news and there's even some new vinyl. 21 CDs reviewed.

Jimpress 74 (Winter 2002/2003)
Complete Jimi on DVD breakdown, guitar for sale, a chance encounter.

Jimpress 75 (Summer 2003)
Huge Ben Franklin update, new Dagger release, Billy Cox's earliest video appearance, more auction fever, new audience tape from Cologne, Noel Redding & Joe Sia tributes.

Jimpress 76 (Winter 2003/2004)
84-page biggest ever issue. Another huge Ben Franklin update, fantastic Berkeley releases from EH, Noel Redding Experience Sessions disc, Jimi in Greenwich Village, the King Curtis chronicles, Axis mixes.

Jimpress 77 (Summer 2004)
Another huge Ben Franklin update, tribute concerts, tribute disc, Jim Liban, Folkestone, the Hard Rock collection.

Jimpress 78 (Winter 2004/2005)
Classic Hendrix - New book from Genesis, Jimi's boyhood home, Hendrix family legal shenanigans, The Seattle 70 tape, Jimi on Top Of The Pops, Return Of The Marquee, London Jimi Hendrix Exhibition, Jamming With The VIPs, Miller Strat Pack.

Jimpress 79 (Spring 2005)
More legal goings-on, more auction dealings, Harry Goodwin, Hard Rock, Roy Buchanan, Cafe Wha?, 22 pages of reviews.

Jimpress 80 (Autumn 2005)
Patti Smith, Jeff Beck, Flea (Red Hot Chilli Peppers), Johnny Marr and many others pay homage to Jimi at the Meltdown Festival, The Jimi Hendrix Experience in Finland, more High Court action, Jimi's Gibson SG goes on display in Manchester, Can You See Me - San Fransico exhibition of Hendrix photographs, Mark Boyle, Robin Trower, Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush live, 26 pages of reviews.

Jimpress 81 (Spring 2006)
Electric Lady, UK Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame, Isle of Wight Statue, London updates, Liverpool Gets Experienced, Monterey, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi bio-pic, Court battles, Boston Billy Cox show, Seattle Pilgrimage.

Jimpress 82 (Winter 2006)
Hendrix Park, New York Rock and Roll Ensemble, Disque de Poche, Chislehurst Caves, Alan Douglas, Liverpool shows, Kurt Max videos, Court Action.

Jimpress 83 (Spring 2007)
Curtis Knight's final interview, the great Welsh hoax, roadie for a weekend, Joe Boyd interview, upcoming Hendrix events, more litigation and many reviews.

Jimpress 84 (Autumn 2007)
Curtis Knight final interview Part 2, Phil Lawton interview, new recordings from Houston and Munster, Experience Music Project, Ben Franklin update, Gwyneth Jones interview, Sebastian Kruger, CDs, DVD, books reviewed.

Jimpress 85 (Spring 2008)
Curtis Knight's final interview concluded, Larry Lee R.I.P., Experience Music Project, Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame, Nashville, Tribute shows in USA and UK, 14 CDs, 6 DVD, 1 LP, and 2 books reviewed.

Jimpress 86 (Autummn 2008)
Our friends can’t be with us today…Buddy Miles, The Jimpress Venue Guide - The Jolly Roger, Nashville (again), Mick Taylor’s Blues Summit - Featuring, among others, Mitch Mitchell, The Hansson and Karlsson Jam - One of the most sought after recordings - worth the wait?, Denver 1968 - Another new tape, I Didn’t Want To Be In A Circus Act - Chris Thomas Interview, Tour 67 - Jimi’s art, The Train Now Standing - All the nonsense that you seem to love, An Evolution Of Sound - EMP launch a proper exhibit, I Have A Thing About Photographs - Ben Valkhoff is quizzed.

Jimpress 87 (Spring 2009)
Our friends can’t be with us today, Mitch Mitchell, Keith Shadwick, Paul Jansen, Delaney Bramlett
Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, London, 17 September 1970. The amazing tale of the recording of Jimi’s last public performance, The Train Now Standing, All the nonsense that you seem to love, Jimi In Miami, Ken Davidoff goes Bam! Flash! and upsets Jimi, “All Along The Watchtower”, Full breakdown of the 21 January 1968 session tape.

Jimpress 88 (Summer 2009)
Jimi at Spalding
From The Benjamin Franklin Studios - Mysteries solved and more Beatles information than a Beatles fanzine
Jimi at the Corn Exchange, Chelmsford The Train Now Standing - All the nonsense that you seem to love How Much? - The value of your vinyl Come On (Part One) - The session dissected.

Jimpress 89 (Spring 2010)
Jimi Hendrix and Love: The Blue Thumb Acetate - The long sought Love collaboration finally unearthed
From The Benjamin Franklin Studios - Embarrassing revelations as popular editor is deemed unfit to edit
The Train Now Standing - All the nonsense that you seem to love
How Much? - The value of your vinyl Part 2
James “Tappy” Wright -Interview and review
The Rough Guide To Jimi Hendrix - Brief book review

Jimpress 90 (Spring 2010)
Billy Cox honoured in his own right - Musician’s Hall of Fame induction.
Jimi’s 67th Birthday Honoured In New York - Tribute events at Terra Blues and BB King’s Blues Club.
Experience Hendrix Tour 2010 - Dates for another tour.
Another One Bites The Dust - Philadelphia’s Spectrum Arena closes.
The Train Now Standing - All the trainspotter nonsense that you seem to love.
How Much? - The value of your vinyl continues with the early bootlegs.
Just A Collection of Antiques and Curios - More bizarre artefacts from the dusty archives.

Jimpress 91 (Sony Special Edition)
Into The Purple Valley - The catalogue passes to Sony.
From The Benjamin Franklin Studios - Huge update
Harry Goodwin: The Glory Years of British Rock 1964-73 - A retrospective at the V&A, then in Blackpool.
The Train Now Standing - All the trainspotter nonsense that you seem to love.
Brian Auger Recollects - The keyboard virtuoso on his encounters with Jimi.

Jimpress 92
Back to Brian - An update on the Brian Auger interview in the last issue.
Beyond The Valleys Of Neptune - A round up of the various releases associated with Valleys Of Neptune.
Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame - RRHoF opens its new archive facility for access by all scholars.
Neue Aufnahmen - Two new audience recordings surface.
Who Shot Rock & Roll - Brooklyn Museum’s touring exhibition reaches Massachusetts
Anoraks On! - Trainspotter titbits from around the globe.
How Much? - Conclusion of the vinyl valuations.
From The Benjamin Franklin Studios - Another monster revision of our accepted knowledge.

Jimpress 93
Jimi Hendrix and CSNY
The history and impact of four friendships.
Anoraks On!
Trainspotter titbits from around the globe.
How Much?
A postscript from Gordon Johnson.
Hendrix in Britain
Handel House open up the Brook Street flat to coincide with an exhibition.
Exhibition Fever
More of the same.
Under The Hammer
Christie's Auction news.
Hey Mike!
New Top Of The Pops recording uncovered.
When In Rome
New Rome concert recording dissected.

Jimpress 94
Sony Legacy
The second wave of releases including a track-by-track
run down of West Coast Seattle Boy.
Anoraks On!
Trainspotter titbits from around the globe.
Still Jamming
Nigel Kennedy at Ronnie Scott’s.
Just The Ticket
Part one of a glossary of all live recording.
Psychedelic Luxury In The Heart Of London
The Cumberland opens its Jimi Hendrix Suite.
Head And Shoulders Above The Rest
Sculptor Dean Kemp.
Hastings Pier
Destroyed by fire.

Jimpress 95
Just The Ticket
Live recordings available from 1968.
New York Celebrates Again in 2010
Jimi’s 68th birthday.
Jimi Hendrix and The Dreamers
Bertolucci and Hendrix.
Anoraks On!
Trainspotter titbits from around the globe.
Electric Ladyland (Slight Return)
The many and varied conundrums.
The Hamsters 40th Anniversary Memorial Shows
A long tour.

Jimpress 96
Mispress madness
Strange goings on at Classic Records.
Let's All Get Rich On eBay Day 2011
More angst on Record Store Day.
Anoraks On!
The usual trainspotter titbits from around the globe.
Just The Ticket
Live recording rundown for 1969.
From The Benjamin Franklin Studios
Another huge update to our accepted knowledge.

Jimpress 97
Sony Legacy Releases - Episode 4
More from Sony including a major Winterland box.
Just The Ticket
Live recordings from 1970.
Anoraks On!
Trainspotter titbits from around the globe.
I Was There
The story behind the 1970 San Antonio audience recording.

Jimpress 98
Winterland Revisited
From The Benjamin Franklin Studios
Jimi Hendrix North Of The Arctic Circle
The Breakaways
Anoraks On - The usual trainspotter nonsense
Out Of The Studio 2 revisited
Voodoo Child - A Man And His Guitar - A new film?
Isle Of Wight footage dissected
Bilbo and Porky - run out groove messages explained
R.I.P. 2011
Ducks Can Groove live!
7 Years Underground: A 60s Tale

Jimpress 99
Monster - The Zurich Monsterkonzert
Hear My Train A'Comin' - London exhibition
Our Friends Can't Be With Us Today
Anoraks On
Gers - Mystery man revealed - who did play on "My Friend"
The Canadian Connection - Jimi's relatives buried in Canada.
Tan Studio Or Not Tan Studio? - Three releases or just two?

Jimpress 100
A stove, a saucepan and a Philips EL3586 - A new field recording of Jimi Hendrix at the Isle of Wight.
Isle of Wight (A Slight Return)
Ten Years On - An exhibition to celebrate the life and times of Noel Redding.
The Jimi Hendrix London Experience - Activities around Brook Street and Mr Love.
Anoraks On! - Trainspotter titbits from around the globe.
Jimi's Seattle - The Hendrix related sights (and sites) of Seattle, or what's left of them.
Winterland (Slight Return) - More photo debate.
Both sides of the sky - Berkeley goes all analog - New and improved vinyl.
How Sha Na Na got to Woodstock...and how they are still reviving the fifties.
The prize that money can't buy - competition

Jimpress 101
Boston or Framingham
The interview debate continues with some interesting evidence.
Starting At Zero
The return of Alan Douglas.
Centenary Competition Winners
The Jimvan has a new home.
Anoraks On! - Trainspotting Around The Globe
Tripe and trivia compiled by all the usual suspects.
Eddie Kramer Q & A
A slight return to the Bag O'Nails
People, Hell and Angels preview on Hawaii Five-0
One of the strangest album previews in rock and roll history.
He's Hot, He's Dead, and He's Number 1...
Single and album storm the charts in a manner not seen since the sixties.
People, Hell and Angels
Album and spin-offs dissected.

Jimpress 102
In From The Cold - The Freezer tapes.
Jimi Visits Club 67 - Ben Valkhoff speaks with Peter Muller.
Peace, Love and Misunderstanding/Not Fade Away - Two more films with passing reference to Jimi Hendrix.
Anoraks On! - Trainspotting Around The Globe - Tripe and trivia compiled by all the usual suspects.
Back To Mono - Mono vinyl re-issues examined and dissected.
All Is By My Side - Biopic finally premieres...not without some controversy.
Holiday Tubas - An ultimate trainspotter mystery unravelled.
Back to Boston or did we conclude Framingham? - The debate goes on.
Our friends...can't be with us today.. - Remembrance corner.
Red Ronnie's Treasure Goes under the hammer - Same lots, different auction.
From The Benjamin Franklin Studios - Update time.
And finally... - Pictures from the Noel Redding Exhibition and the Jimi Hendrix Pop-Up Shop.

Jimpress 103
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 7 September 1968
Another newly discovered recording.
The Interviews in Jimi Hendrix: Hear My Train A Comin’
A listing and index
Miami (Slight Rewind)
The recent live release revisited.
Are You Still Taking Photographs?
Charles Everest discusses his life and experiences.
Wield Your Axe! 40
Experience Hendrix Tour 2014.
Anoraks On! - Trainspotting Around The Globe
Tripe and trivia compiled by all the usual suspects.
How Did You Get Experienced?
Reminiscing time.
28 September 1966 - Jimi Jams At Les Cousins
Eye-witness report.
Are The Clouds That Low?
Blu-Spec discs - Worth the effort or the money?
Graham Nash (slight return): Wild Tales
What is to be gleaned from Nash's recent memoir?
Martin Sharp
Renowned artist passes away.
You Too Can Be Edward Scissorhands
PPX catalogue and accoutrements for sale.

Jimpress 104
Jimi Hendrix by Donald Silverstein
From Shiny Black to Bloody Red - More strange red pressings.
Jimi Hendrix in The Doors Collection - A Doors DVD examined.
Lewiston Armory, Maine, 16 March 1- Eye witness report.
Alan Douglas
Johnny Winter

Jimpress 105
An Evening With The Illusion, Cactus, Jimi Hendrix, and the Black Panthers
Boston Garden, 27 June 1970. Out Of The Bag
New footage from Atlanta, 17 August 1968. It Must Be Dusty
The story behind the off-air footage. Anoraks On! - Trainspotting Around The Globe
Tripe and trivia compiled by all the usual suspects. Experiencing The Blues
A view of the song's roots. Our Friends Can't Be With Us Today
More pieces of the Hendrix jigsaw lost forever.

Jimpress 106
Ten thousand electric guitars, were groovin' real loud, yeah, down in Monterey Ever wondered who caught Jimi's guitar at Monterey? Wonder no more.
Wild Blue Angel: Hendrix Abroad, 1966-1970
A new exhibition at EMP.
Record Store Day 2015
A single recorded live at Atlanta.
The Royal Albert Hall
More money for the legal eagles.
Anoraks On! - Trainspotting Around The Globe
Tripe and trivia compiled by all the usual suspects.
From The Benjamin Franklin Studios
Blatant self-promotion.
From The Benjamin Franklin Studios
Updates, amendments, and apologies.
More Experience
Gill Abrahams on her life in Swinging London in the 60s.
Drumming Back At The House And The Tinker Street Cinema
Percussionist Randy Kaye remembered by his son, Justin.
Does Size Matter?

Jimpress 107
Nürnberg, Germany, 16 January 1969, second show
Joel J. Brattin and Doug Bell examine the newly discovered recording.
Olmsted Sound Studios
A little factual correction.
Anoraks On! - Trainspotting Around The Globe
Tripe and trivia compiled by all the usual suspects.
Jimi At The BBC 1966-1970
All the appearances that we are aware of.
Our Friends Can't Be With Us Today
Remembering Lemmy and Mats Schörling
Sharing Top Billing At Brook Street
Steve Elphick enjoys the Brook Street opening.
23 Brook Street - Through Gypsy Eyes
And Ben Valkhoff adds his view.

Jimpress 108
Electric Church
A full breakdown of the DVD/Blu-Ray.
The interviews in Electric Church
A listing and index.
Mystery Taper in Electric Church
Is this where the second source came from?
The Jimpress Desert Island Challenge
Pick your ten and tell us why.
Tea Time with the Averys
One sugar or two Mr Hendrix?
Anoraks On! - Trainspotting Around The Globe
Tripe and trivia compiled by all the usual suspects.
Back to the Beeb
A surprise update on the article in the last issue.
Our Friends Can't Be With Us Today
Charlie Fite, David King, and Henry McCullough.
Apostolic Studios
A look inside Steven Tyler's head.
Just a Collection of Antiques and Curios
Strange vinyl.
The "Solo Guitar Ideas" Tape
Have we learnt anything?
From The Benjamin Franklin Studios
More updates.
Machine Gun: The Fillmore East First Show 12/31/69
Forthcoming release from Experience Hendrix.
Kock-Up Korner
Apologies time.

Jimpress 109
The Sotheby's Tapes
Myths, legends, and unanswered questions.
Anoraks On! - Trainspotting Around The Globe
Tripe and trivia compiled by all the usual suspects.
Our Friends Can't Be With Us Today
Kenyatta Arrington and Pearl Avery.
Experience Hendrix Tour 2017
All the tour dates for our American readers and European and Australasian globetrotters.
Just a collection of antiques and curios
And next, a statue in Nashville?
Music City looks to remember Jimi.
Meanwhile back in Seattle
The park prepares to openA postcard from Salford
A very quick word with Graham Nash.
It was 50 years ago, today
A celebration at the Scorch of St. James.
Ranting Steve Day 2
OK, OK, Record Store Day 2 - Black Friday.
From The Benjamin Franklin Studios
Just a kock-up korner.
A sneak peek at 2017 releases.

Jimpress 110
A previously unknown support act in Paris.
The Jimpress Desert Island Challenge
Some alternative views, some nods of agreement.
Anoraks On! - Trainspotting Around The Globe
Tripe and trivia compiled by all the usual suspects.
Our Friends Can't Be With Us Today
Brian Matthew, Tappy Wright, and Larry Coryell.
H-E-L-P or would it have been H-E-L-M?
The last word on Jimi joining Emerson, Lake, and Palmer.
Just A Collection Of Antiques And Curios
A Deep Purple Haze.
Newbury Comics
Coloured vinyl issues.
A Quick FNAC
More coloured vinyl.
Courtroom Capers
Window smashing in Gothenburg.
The Red Hot Chili Pepper Experience
Chad Smith comes clean.
Another Guitar?
Jimi's Epiphone acoustic.
Potential Difference
Dave Weyer talks pedals and mods.
Neck And Neck
The Newport Tele-Strat, the Woodstock guitar debate and more.

Jimpress 111
The other Monterey guitar (or is it?) - For sale-withdrawn-for sale-withdrawn.
In other auctions - Ridiculous to sublime does not really cover it!
Our friends can't be with us today - Murray Lerner and Janne Carlsson.
Anoraks On! - Trainspotting around the globe - Tripe and trivia compiled by all the usual suspects.
Well, you keep asking - Release of the Royal Albert Hall movie (not).
Memories of 1967 - Local newspapers working hard to winkle out anniversary stories. Leicester and Spalding.
Just what is going on in Rainbow Bridge? - The who’s who, what’s what, and where’s where.
Jimi at 75 - Celebrations in Seattle.
Jimi’s London - Rubber Duck at Revolution.
Just a collection of antiques and curios - Another film can compilation and a distressed acetate.
Sony Legacy tie-up to continue - More of the same, in more ways than one.

Jimpress 112
Words and Music – Buddy Miles
The Musician’s Hall of Fame and Museum
Nashville now has a Hendrix exhibit.
Autograph Tales
More big money for an autograph with provenance.
Our friends can't be with us today
Johnny Hallyday.
Grammy Hall of Fame
Band of Gypsys recognised.
Anoraks On! - Trainspotting around the globe
Tripe and trivia compiled by all the usual suspects.
The ever-dwindling number of remaining Hendrix venues.
Hendrix Guitar Tutorials
A beginner’s guide.
Colour Blind
That coloured vinyl, FYE Smash Hits